Do you ever wonder where the money comes from to organize, promote and pay for these great Connectivity-me events?   First, the vast majority of the funds needed derive from our board members own pockets’ Connectivity-me is a free networking group to join; as a result, we use our own funds to pay for the venues, food, beverages, advertising and all other related costs.  As long as we can remain funded, we can continue to create fun business network opportunities for our members and attendees.  Second, sometimes we will receive assistance from sponsors.  This assistance is often the bridge that connects the exciting networking ideas to the actual event taking place.  Most importantly, we are very appreciative of our sponsors and all the businesses that co-market these events with us.

So how could we establish more events and maintain the quality of the current ones?   That’s easy – through the financial support of people like you.  If you believe in what Connectivity-me does and you attend our events as a member of our organization, or as a guest, we need your help.  Will you help our mission, which creates networking opportunities for everyone involved?  With this donation, you will help fund many more Connectivity-me events to come.

You can donate online through Pay Pal, personal check, or at one of our networking events.  If you would like additional information on our networking organization or its mission please contact us direct.  We appreciate your anticipated assistance.